Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Top 5 Forex Trading Errors You Must Avoid

Enough of basic learning of Forex Trading till now, it’s time to analyze that you are not committing some common errors which are major no no’s.
  1. Trading when tired
This is the biggest blunder when you are sitting down at the desk after a late night or early morning, switching on the screens and trying to execute your trade plan. At an average 6-7 hours of sleep is necessary throughout the day. Make sure you are not tired when you are ready for investment and reap great profits.
  1. Trading When Hungry or Thirsty
As per trading pro, Barry Sendach there are sometimes when you are concentrating on the charts and forgot to remain hydrated or satiate your appetite, you will strangely distracted. Thus, it is essential to maintain hydration and satiate your appetite when trading as they are major contributors to mental alertness.
  1. Moving Stops or Targets
Once you are assured that your trading strategy will be effective and well-tested, avoid all your second guesses during mid trade. Think of all the effort and time you have invested in creation of profitable strategy and it is useless to start tinkering with it on a trade by trade basis.
  1. Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail
Barry Sendach share his secret that anytime he is working at trading desk and adhere to a proper well-defined trading plan, he has reaped great profits. Thus, it is essential to execute a trade plan very efficiently to avoid gambling scenario in Vegas.
  1. Being over eager for action

You are following a trade tip very precisely, that’s good, have thorough understanding on the all parameters is again good, but being over eager to experience action in forex trading is a pitfall to liquidate your account. The core task of the trader is monitoring markets very patiently and never sit on edge to be assure you never lose and gain maximum from Forex Trading.  

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